Aztec Fire & Safety makes sure your San Diego area business is safe from fire, always.

While all properties need reliable fire safety systems in place, a restaurant has different fire safety needs than an IT data center does. Aztec Fire & Safety understands the different needs major industries have and what fire safety systems are best in each setting. We work tirelessly to ensure that your business is safe from the threat of fire, no matter what your business is.

Aztec Fire & Safety serves the fire safety needs of the following industries:

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Hospitality

  • Industrial

  • Property Management

  • Restaurant

  • Retail

  • Government

  • Construction/Contractor Services

  • Marine

With more than 20 years serving the fire safety needs of San Diego County businesses, you can count on Aztec to keep your business safe from fire.

Call Aztec Fire & Safety today at (619) 464-5625 to be sure that your fire safety needs are met.

Why choose Aztec? Aztec Fire & Safety is not afraid to say that we have better training, better tools, and better technology. As members of the NFPA, NAFED, AFSA, and the San Diego Fire Protection Association, we stay up to date on all fire safety industry developments so that we can be sure to provide the best service available.